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Hop Shopping with Founders Brewing Brewmaster

Founders Brewing brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki selects centennial hops for next year’s beers. written and photographed by Jackie Dodd It’s a mecca of sorts for every brewer in the country, hallowed ground that’s been trampled by every important beer maker in the world— and it just so happens to be in our own backyard. Yakima isn’t necessarily a top travel destination for most, but for the true 1 percent of the beer community, it ranks well above Munich during Oktoberfest. Traversing the valley during harvest behind the brewers from Founders Brewing, I felt the indelible weight of touching the bines, smelling…

McMenamins Kalama Harbor Lodge

McMenamins Kalama Harbor Lodge honors the Hawaiian heritage of the town’s founder written and photographed by Jackie Dodd Kalama is a small rail town and a shipping port that’s easy to pass without notice. Charming even from a distance but forgettable once you’ve reached your final stop, the small town of Kalama is now officially “destination worthy.” With their signature combination of upcycled antiques and local artisan creations, the McMenamin brothers have brought the familiar stay-and-play hotel chain to a quietly captivating stretch of the Columbia River, just forty-five minutes north of Portland. Kalama Harbor Lodge is absolutely worth any effort…

Rooftop Brewing

Rooftop Brewing Offers Brew with a View written and photographed by Jackie Dodd Craig Christian has a casual answer for why he won’t rent out his taproom for private events. “It would just be about the money, and that’s not why I’m here,” he said. That shows you what his bones are made of. A group of fiercely loyal regulars who form the pulse of the taproom, even on a typical drizzly Seattle day, matter to him in a way that speaks volumes. “All on their own they started a Facebook group called Rooftop Regulars,” he said, smiling like a…

Washington is Beer Central

Washington is Beeradise

From hop farms to breweries to colleges to pubs, Washington is arguably the top state for all things beer. As you cross the Evergreen State, you can participate in the harvest of beer’s best ingredients and sip some of the most iconic and diverse brews available. Join us as we check out Washington’s up-and-coming beer town, Bellingham, discover just how important this state is to the cutting edge of the brewing industry, and learn how beer might just change the world.

Rick Fogel Dulcimer

Seattle physicist Rick Fogel turns to music

n 1972, Rick Fogel published a master’s thesis in the journal Nuclear Physics with a weighty title: “Measurements and Analysis of the 14N(d.n)150 Reaction at a Deuteron Energy of 5.16 MeV.”
And with that, he was on his way to a career in science. Fogel worked at the Pentagon for two years, but the work wasn’t satisfying.