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Exotic Cocktails in Boise

Best known for its charming basque district, innovative college football team and easy access to the outdoors, Boise is also earning a well-deserved reputation as a place to get one hell of a cocktail.

Washington’s Best Soup

BEST PLACES IN WASHINGTON FOR SOUP CHELSEA FARMS OYSTER BAR This chowder with fresh clams, pork belly and heirloom potatoes isn’t traditional, but one bite in and you won’t care. Creamy and rich, this is the perfect way to enjoy the local bounty. 222 CAPITAL WAY N OLYMPIA ROCKET MARKET Several healthy seasonal soups rotate daily at this combination gas station/deli/European grocery store. Eat in with a glass of wine, or take your soup home. 726 E 43RD AVENUE SPOKANE INFINITE SOUPS The daily-changing menu features sixteen soups, with options for vegans and vegetarians as well as carnivores and…