The Yakima Valley Trolley – a stroll through time

Yakima Vally Trolley
The route to Selah goes through a scenic gap in the mountains known as Selah Gap. The trolley line, perched along a narrow shelf shares the gap with the Burlington Northern and the Yakima River.

Take a ride on the last interurban electric railroad in the country

written by Molly Allen

The Yakima Valley is known for its rich, agricultural history, boasting Washington’s largest apple crop, nearly 75 percent of the world’s hops and vineyards as far as the eye can see. But there’s more to this place—add the Yakima Valley Trolley to your list to explore a bit more of Central Washington’s history.

The trolley is the last intact interurban electric railroad in America, noted on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors or community members looking for an afternoon outing can experience a trolley ride just as those in the early twentieth century did.

Trolley rides leave from an original intact car barn and motormen entertain riders with stories of the past as the trolley makes its way from Yakima to Selah. The experience will take you back in time, providing a fun way to learn about the important role trolleys played in city and agricultural development a hundred years ago.


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