Trip Planner: Cedar Creek Treehouse

Walking along a footbridge to an Ewok village like lodging at the Cedar Creek Treehouse.

Wake Up in the Clouds Near Mt. Rainier

photos by Jessica Prince

Who doesn’t dream of waking up among the clouds in a treehouse built to fit the wildest of imaginations? At Cedar Creek Treehouse, guests spend the night fifty feet above the ground in a 200-year-old Western Red Cedar.

Located just ten miles from Mt. Rainier National Park and an hour north of Mt. St. Helens in Ashford, Washington, this treehouse has some of the best views in the Pacific Northwest. And if being fifty feet in the air isn’t enough of a bird’s eye view for you, each guest at Cedar Creek Treehouse can tour the 100-foot-high observatory— also built into the trees. To get there, visitors climb an eighty-two-foot spiral staircase to a simple suspension bridge. If you’re bold enough, you can try the newly installed seventy-five-foot swing and take soaring among the trees to a whole new level.

Cedar Creek Treehouse is solar-powered and off the grid, so don’t expect to charge your cell phone. In fact, there isn’t a shower, though you can get your blood pumping by taking a dip in Cedar Creek’s swimming hole. Afterward, watch the sun set while swinging in a hammock or gather around the embers for a fireside chat. Topic of conversation: how you never want to leave.


Ashford, Washington

Cell service: Sparse

Potable Water: Provided


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