Welcome to our Amazing Resort!

Our focus is on you. We want every moment to be amazing.

Located in the charming Fairhaven historic business district, our mission is to serve you food the way we like it, fresh, wholesome, delicious, and beautiful. We serve our crepes in the Brittany style. You can choose both sweet and savory crepes and at your request, all of our crepes are available using buckwheat flour, which is gluten-free. We make our own Polish pierogis, european-style soups and sandwiches, and there’s always a daily special featuring something in-season or something inspired by a taste we miss from home.

We love our Stumptown coffee and know you’ll love it too. Maybe you’re thirsty for a glass of orange juice or lemonade – we squeeze our own so you can enjoy it fresh. We also have a very nice European wine selection so you can have the perfect companion for your savory crepe.

So come in, take a seat, and enjoy a unique meal in our comfortable, romantic home-away-from-home.

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We have a different featured local dish every night. Join us for dinner!

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Our awesome bed and breakfast

FivePine Lodge & Conference Center
1021 Desperado Trail
Sisters, OR 97759

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