Create Your Own Cabin Cozy

Washington-made items to warm up your home

written by Melissa Dalton

Fireside Furniture

Woodworker Benjamin Klebba leads Phloem Studio, a Stevenson furniture-making outfit where every piece is built to order. With its elegant wooden frame and tufted upholstery, the Regina Lounge Chair and Ottoman is perfect for a fireside hang.


Wool Tribal Blankets

photo by devinfoto photography

Eighth Generation is a Native-owned product line founded in 2008 by Louie Gong, an artist, educator, and public speaker raised in the Nooksack community. In 2015, he debuted wool blankets that offer modern interpretations of traditional Native weaving motifs. Curl up with the “Salish Pattern” wool blanket, a Gong original that celebrates Coast Salish culture.


Wood Stove

Headquartered in Colville, Washington, Quadra-Fire manufactures a series of efficient wood-burning stoves. Many are EPA-certified, meaning they’ve been independently tested and proven to meet specific limits on particulate emissions. The 5700 Step Top Wood Stove can heat up to 3,700 square feet, burn fifteen hours at a time, and offers a range of leg style and door trim options.   

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