DIY: Luxurious Upgrades

If you’re not planning a total bathroom renovation anytime soon, try one of these simple ways to ante up the luxe factor.

  1. CHANGE OUT CABINET HARDWARE This suggestion isn’t just about looks, as good design engages all the senses. Substitute flimsy cabinet hardware with pulls or handles made of more substantial metal and it will feel good every time they’re touched.
  2. EXCHANGE OFF-THE-SHELF LIGHTING Just as in hardware, lighting matters. If there’s a run-of-the-mill fixture at the ceiling, trade it out for one with more character, like the star-shaped flush mount picked for the Phinney Ridge bathroom.
  3. SWAP THE VANITY For the Phinney Ridge project, K&L Interiors made sure the vanity had drawers instead of the more commonly found doors, in order to eke out more streamlined storage and increase functionality. “Drawers give you more space to store things,” Hockema said.
  4. MOUNT A HEATED TOWEL RACK Do you have a GFCI outlet and free expanse of wall? Consider affixing an electric towel warmer in the empty space or go with a free-standing model. Nothing beats pulling a toasty towel off the rail when it’s time to dry off.
  6. The designers at K&L Interiors like to recommend handheld showerheads to their clients, especially models that include a slide bar. With it, the spray can be adjusted for the heights of every member of the family. Handheld showerheads also make cleaning a snap, whether you’re rinsing off the grout or a wriggling pup.
  7. CARVE OUT A NICHE Countertop cluster is a sure fire way to make a space feel less luxe. Try recessing shelves in a niche between the wall studs to create more artful display instead.

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