Wall Stencils for Eye-Catching Accents

DIY: Use Wall Stencils for Eye-Catching Accents

written by Melissa Dalton

We couldn’t help but admire the striking artwork on the kitchen cabinets in Bangs and Rodgers’ tiny home. It was painted by a friend of theirs, as a “celebration of our travels and our relationship,” said Bangs, who also likes how it adds a splash of color to the monochromatic interior. Try wall stencils for an equally artistic—and affordable—decorative accent, following the simple guidelines below.


Wall stencils are fantastic for their versatility, so choose any pa ern that resonates. Think about how the scale of the design will appear with repetition, and whether the size and repetition works with the rest of the room’s décor.


With stencils, you’re not confined to the colorways found in wallpaper and can custom match the stencil paint to the existing color pale e in the room. Try a dramatic contrast and layer a light pattern over a dark color. Or, choose similar shades for the background and the stencil for a more subtle appearance. Basic wall paint will work for this project, though it’s also possible to experiment with different decorative effects, such as using gold paint, to make the overall design shimmer.


Apply the base coat to the wall. Tape o the area to be stenciled with painter’s tape, protecting trim, floor, and ceiling. Starting at the ceiling line, attach the stencil to the surface with painter’s tape, making sure it’s at and the design is level.


Paint using a stencil brush or roller, making sure to monitor the amount of paint applied. Do not allow paint to get beneath the surface of the stencil, either from an overloaded brush or raised template, as that can blur the edges of the final design. Once the first image is applied, carefully remove the stencil and position it in the next open spot, using the registration marks.

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