Washington DIY: Unite the Kitchen with the Rest of the House

Does your kitchen seem separate from the rest of the house?

written by Melissa Dalton

Open-concept floor plans have become extremely popular over the years, and the kitchen is always at the center. We asked Schaer and Caillier their tricks for seamlessly incorporating the kitchen with the adjoining living spaces.

Washington Kitchen DIY 1: Repeat materials

“Material connection is really important,” Schaer said. This is why he used Zebrawood for both the entry cabinet and main kitchen area in the Capitol Hill loft. “It makes it feel like it wasn’t just a random kitchen plugged into the living room,” he said. “It feels like part of a suite of moves.” Caillier agreed. “All of the materials have to work together,” she said. For instance, she chose furnishings with the same wood tones across the different spaces, such as the kitchen counter stools, the dining room table and a credenza in the family room.

Washington Kitchen DIY 2: Keep colors consistent

Seeing too many colors at once can make the final scheme look choppy. “We painted everything the same color and I think that’s really important,” Caillier said. “There are some starts and stops that could have facilitated using different paint colors, but we really wanted it to feel like one big open space.”

Washington Kitchen DIY 3: Create subtle layers with contrast

Subtle contrast draws the eye through the space. In Woodinville, Caillier positioned four curvy walnut stools (the Cherner barstool from Design Within Reach) against the dark backdrop of the island cabinetry to pleasing effect. A large blank wall in the loft had the owner wanting to incorporate a unique decorative touch. A local interior designer, Brian Paquette, suggested wallpaper printed with a Japanese kimono pattern. The design was photocopied onto 11×17 printer paper and then carefully pasted in place for a layered look that contrasts nicely with the kitchen’s crisp lines and unites the open room.

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