Washington Dining: Andrae’s Kitchen in Walla Walla

Great Eats in Walla Walla: Andrae’s Kitchen

written by Cara Strickland

Andrae Bopp has an impressive culinary resume. He graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City, worked in fine dining restaurants such as Balthazar and Le Bernardin, and then opened a restaurant in Boise, Idaho, to critical acclaim. Bopp first moved to Walla Walla in 2008 and immediately began innovating— his food truck was one of the first in Washington. Now, in addition to the truck, you’ll find his restaurant in an unassuming Cenex gas station. But don’t be confused, because this is no ordinary gas station fare. Bopp and his team are making tortillas from scratch and smoking their own brisket for street tacos, “Voodoo Fries” topped with pulled pork, aioli and peppers, and a host of gourmet hot dogs. Bopp likes that his place is a bit of a secret. “I can see the trepidation as they walk in and look around like, ‘Is this the place?’ Then you smell the food and realize this is the place to be.”



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