Gastronomy: DRY Sparkling

DRY Sparkling
DRY Sparkling
written by Cara Strickland

Sharelle Klaus had four kids under the age of 7 when she founded DRY Sparkling in 2005. At least part of the reason was the lack of interesting non-alcoholic options available. She wanted something to pair with her food—the way she would wine or beer. Helped along by chef friends, she started with four innovative flavors—lavender, lemongrass, rhubarb and kumquat. Now there are ten regular flavors—all celebrating a single ingredient with minimal sweetness and ingredients. If you keep your eyes out, you might catch sight of an occasional limited edition flavor, like last year’s critically acclaimed Serrano pepper. One sip of juniper or blood orange will give you an idea of how DRY spread from restaurant menus to stores and cupboards all over the country. Sip it on its own, or add to your favorite cocktail.

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