Gastronomy: Wanderlust Delicato

Amber Park's Wanderlust Delicato

written by Cara Strickland

For years, Amber Park had dreamed of opening a place where she could gather the bounty of the world, as well as people to enjoy it. That dream became Wanderlust Delicato, a wine, cheese and charcuterie shop in downtown Spokane. You can stop in for a glass of wine and a bite to eat, or check out the selection of local beer and cider. 

Park has resumed her popular cooking classes, while limiting class sizes. They often feature local guest chefs, farmers, nutritionists and cookbook authors. By joining the wine club, you let Park introduce you to new flavors, one of the reasons for her previous success as a wine rep. Whatever you crave, you’ll likely discover something you love here. Close your eyes, and it might even feel like you’ve traveled somewhere else, if only for a moment.

421 W. MAIN ST.

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