Things To Do Around Washington

Things to do around Washington: Anna’s Honey

It doesn’t get any better than pure, all-natural honey. Anna’s Honey is made by Pacific Northwest bees that visit blossoms in remote regions and bring back nectar to create a rich, smooth honey. Flavors include blackberry, clover, wildflower and raspberry, available in traditional mason jars or in a gift jar featuring a sketch of the floral variety from which its honey was derived.

Things to do around Washington: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival runs the entire month of April with events and activities happening daily. Choose from an art show or quilt walk, crafts for the kids in the children’s art center and bike tours through the tulip fields, plus a tulip parade to enjoy. We think it’s the best place to celebrate spring.

Things to do around Washington: Book Grain

Made from redwood, these handmade journals are great because they lay flat, making it easier to put your thoughts down or draw a sketch. The cover can be engraved and can also have a typeset custom quote of your choice added to the inside front cover. Book Grain journals are handmade in Everett.

Things to do around Washington: Gig Harbor Paddlers Cup

The Paddlers Cup in Gig Harbor is one of those spring events that makes gearing up and getting outside completely worth it. Dragon boat, paddleboard and kayak races all take place at Skansie Brothers Park, April 20-22, with a reception at the Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard.

Things to do around Washington: Orna’s Pottery

Orna’s Pottery opened at Pike Place Market in 2005, specializing in Seattle-themed works and Pacific Northwest-inspired pieces. From mugs to bowls to vases, each piece is as unique as the artist and handmade in a backyard pottery studio. Our favorite is the Seattle-themed mug, highlighting the urban culture and scenery. This is a fan favorite for visitors and locals alike.

Things to do around Washington: Apple Blossom Festival

This artist has mixed media Americana pretty much perfected. Old-time photos are given a modern twist by incorporating unique objects with newspaper, spray-painted in resin and beautifully framed. It’s a pretty cool way to update your living space and make a statement at the same time.

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