Watts Takes Over Woodinville

Watt’s Brewing Company moved into Woodinville’s Sumerian Brewing with respect for its predecessor and its locals.
Watt’s Brewing Company moved into Woodinville’s Sumerian Brewing with respect for its predecessor and its locals.
written and photographed by Jackie Dodd

Everything you need to know about Evan Watts’ intentions when he moved his brewery into the old Sumerian Brewing space can be found in his unconventional query when he was in the process of taking over the space. He asked to meet the regulars. He wanted to make sure they knew him, knew he had lovingly acquired the space and knew he wanted to make sure they felt welcome after the transition. His family roots run deep in the community, going back generations, making this changing of the guard feel more like a homecoming than a business deal.

When Sumerian departed Woodinville, it left a void in the local beer community, with residents eager for a successor. Watts not only fulfills this role but exceeds expectations with his extraordinary beer, down-to-earth demeanor and the heart and soul he pours into the business he owes and operates. The beer at Watts Brewing Company is excellent, complex without being pretentious, drinkable but memorable, and beautiful without being delicate. It’s a blend of German flavors, distinct Pacific Northwest flair and thoughtful balance.

Before Watts took over the evolving space, his small brewery primarily functioned as a production facility, supplying kegs and cans for local distribution. This strategic approach allowed the multigenerational entrepreneur to grow steadily, building a dedicated fan base and accumulating awards for his expertly crafted beer.

Watts comes from a long line of bee wranglers, doing their part to save nature’s essential pollinators generations before it was the cool thing to do. The bees that grew his lineage, as well as the ingredients for his beer, are an ever-present theme in his business. From the brewery logo to the slices of leafcutter bee boards in the pillars and tables throughout the taproom, it shows how much of himself he’s put into his business and the space it occupies. There is a humility to his presence, a tentative excitement to have taken such a huge leap from producing beer to owning a large taproom and brewing facility.

ROAD NE, #E110


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