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Rick Fogel Dulcimer

Seattle physicist Rick Fogel turns to music

n 1972, Rick Fogel published a master’s thesis in the journal Nuclear Physics with a weighty title: “Measurements and Analysis of the 14N(d.n)150 Reaction at a Deuteron Energy of 5.16 MeV.”
And with that, he was on his way to a career in science. Fogel worked at the Pentagon for two years, but the work wasn’t satisfying.

MiiR Flagship

A portion of the income from MiiR goes to help provide clean water, education and bicycles in underdeveloped nations, regardless of whether it makes a profit.

Crowlers Are Game Changers

Crowlers (can-growlers) are 32-ounce aluminum cans of beer from a tap. Lighter than glass growlers, they’re machine sealed and last weeks in your fridge.