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Roasted Heirloom Squash Salad (with raddichio, Calabrian chile-maple vinaigrette and hazelnuts)

Yields1 Serving

Squash salad is the perfect fall dish.

For Salad
 1 Acorn Squash
 1 Butternut Squash
 1 Blue Hubbard Squash
 1 Kabocha Squash
 2 heads raddichio chicory
 1 cup hazelnuts, toasted
 ¼ cup sage leaves, julienned
For Vinaigrette
 56 Calabrian chilies
 ½ cup white balsamic vinegar
 1 cup extra virgin olive oil
 ½ cup brown butter, melted
 2 tbsp honey
 23 shallots, minced
 2 cloves garlic, minced
 34 sage leaves, chopped
 salt and pepper to taste

Chop the chilies and sage and combine with the shallots, garlic, honey, butter, vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. Season to taste and set aside.


For the salad, cut each squash variety into a different shape. For instance, the acorn squash makes a good wedge, while the butternut squash could be diced and delicate can be peeled and cut into rings.


Season them all and roast separately until slightly browned and cooked through, but not super soft.


Combine the squash with the radicchio and dress with a bit of the dressing.


Decoratively arrange the squash on the plate and garnish with the julienne of fresh sage and chopped toasted hazelnuts.