Taylor Shellfish Farm

The Taylor Shellfish Farm in Samish Bay, one of the oldest areas for farmed oysters in the nation, reveals a pearl of hidden history and a delicious culinary experience.

A culinary and historical treasure in Samish Bay

photos by Terry Manier

The Taylor Shellfish Farm is in the northwest corner of Washington state, south of Bellingham on Highway 11. The latter road is a great alternative to traveling on the busy I-5. Highway 11 runs along Samish Bay, and has one of the most breathtaking views of Washington’s coastal bays and the San Juan Islands. Samish Bay has a long history with shellfish, being the first place that Pacific oysters were grown in the United States after being dumped from a cargo ship in 1919. Along this highway, south of Fairhaven, you come to the Taylor Shellfish Farm. Here, you can drive down to the edge of the bay and pick out fresh oysters and clams and either grill them in the back or eat them raw.

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