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Jennifer Kuhns mosaic art piece

Mosaic artist Jennifer Kuhns finds beauty through the catharsis of art

written by Joni Kabana | artwork photography courtesy of Jennifer Kuhns

Jennifer Kuhns is an established mosaic artist whose designs are commissioned for large-scale productions all over the country. Not only is her work professionally exceptional, her talent strikes an emotional chord within herself and in others. “I am plagued by the overwhelming amount of tragedy we all face, personally and societally,” she said. “For me, creating beauty is a kind of catharsis. I want to spread that around as much as possible.”

Jennifer Kuhns mosaic art piece

Kuhns cultivates relationships with other creatives, architects and fabricators (“Collaborate, don’t compete!”) and desires more mentorships with new mosaic artists to share her skills. Having studied cultural anthropology with an emphasis on folklore and early religion at Evergreen State College, Kuhns’ love for primitive authentic expressions can be seen in each of her creations.

Jennifer Kuhns mosaic art piece

One of Kuhns’ current projects is to install a floor-to-ceiling mosaic with a “chapel-like feel that honors nature in a reverential way” for a publicly accessible restroom in Olympia. “It’s an ideal project for me in every regard,” she said. “Best of all, it is for the public—for everyone!” The location soon will be revealed when it is complete. Other samplings of her work can be viewed in Olympia as well: the Metamorphosis collaborative community mural in the downtown area on the backside of Lloyd’s Automotive featuring a butterfly mosaic around a central figure that is emerging from a chrysalis, a sidewalk inlay in front of The Washington Center for the Performing Arts, the entryway of Childhood’s End Gallery and several elements at Swing Wine Bar.

Jennifer Kuhns mosaic art piece

Kuhns spends part of each day in her studio, which is located 30 miles from Olympia in the Black Hills where she and her husband also tend chickens, goats, a pair of peafowl, several cats, two dogs and an axolotl. In their spare time, they can be found exploring Mexican archaeological sites and searching for artists creating in their natural habitat.

Jennifer Kuhns
Photo by Dinea Norrell/Dinea de Photo

For more information about Jennifer Kuhns and to view some of her community art projects, visit

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