Farm to Table: Hearty Squash, Hearty Dishes

Written by Corinne Whiting Enjoying the Season’s Cornucopia of Flavors We are celebrating hearty squash and hearty dishes! The season’s upon us when we happily fill our homes with Scandinavian-inspired hygge­—think flickering candles, cozy blankets and ambient background tunes. During these shorter, darker days, we also bring to the table hearty soups and soothing stews, chock full of veggies and starches like the mighty winter squash. Squash, the hardiest member of the cucurbit family (which also includes pumpkins, cucumbers and melons), grows well in most parts of the Pacific Northwest. Typically divided into summer and winter varieties, squash has healthful … Continue reading Farm to Table: Hearty Squash, Hearty Dishes