Peter Rivera

Peter Rivera, lead singer and drummer of the band Rare Earth, keeps it rockin' on the daily.

Rivera (still) Rocks

Don’t hold your applause

written by Blythe Thimsen

Applause. This is what Peter Rivera enjoys most about performing. After thirty years of rocking out as the original drummer and lead vocalist for 1970s band Rare Earth and with hits such as “Get Ready” and “I Just Want to Celebrate,” all it takes is a little noise. “We’d all love to be cheered, to have applause,” he said.

Applause—or even performing—is not guaranteed in today’s saturated music industry. “There’s less meat on the carcass, and more people trying to feed on it,” said Rivera, fresh from gigs in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Massachusetts.

What’s his secret? “I’m not all ego-ed up. I’m just a really good drummer and singer, and I like doing it,” he said. “It’s all I ever wanted to do, even now. When I go out on stage, it’s my ass, and I gotta be on.”

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