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New Breakthroughs in Washington Apples

Farm to Table: Apples

If apples are your thing, Washington is your place. In this state, the produce is delicious and the stats juicy. According to the Washington Apple Commission, on average Washington grows 125 million boxes (or 2.5 million tons) of apples each year, which get exported to sixty-plus countries.

DRY Sparkling

Gastronomy: DRY Sparkling

Sharelle Klaus had four kids under the age of 7 when she founded DRY Sparkling in 2005. At least part of the reason was the lack of interesting non-alcoholic options available.

Mariachi Huenachi

Mariachi Huenachi

This is Mariachi Huenachi—Wenatchee’s pride and joy. Wenatchee High’s mariachi band was started in 1999, and today 300 students participate in the school district’s mariachi program.