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Outdoors For All Foundation

This inclusive program leaves no one behind written by Sheila G. Miller For many, living in the Pacific Northwest means nights in tents, days on trails and everywhere in between—from rivers to oceans to mountains to deserts. Thanks to the Outdoors for All Foundation, kids and adults with disabilities living in Washington can experience the great outdoors just like everyone else. Outdoors for All was founded in 1978 as Ski for All Foundation with fifteen kids with disabilities taking ski lessons at The Summit at Snoqualmie. Today, more than 2,400 people with disabilities are able to get outdoors through the…

Bibliophile: Historical Expertise

After years of writing and studying the written word, Robin Oliveira hit pay dirt in 2010 when she published My Name is Mary Sutter, a historical novel about a woman who defies odds to become a Civil War surgeon. Now she’s back with a new novel, again with Mary at its center.

Until Next Time: Waiting For The Rebirth

I made a point of sticking around Spokane once I graduated. I liked that feeling of being a part of something on the brink of greatness, and I wanted to see how the story played out. I wanted to be part of the story. is city had long felt on the verge of breaking through, experiencing an awakening of its own.

Orcas Island Retreat

When Marie Gladwish was 17 years old and living on the east coast, she took a summer cruise to tour the San Juan Islands. Upon arriving at Orcas Island for the first time, she had a surprising and heady reaction, despite having never seen the place before. “I got very welled up and felt like I was coming home,” she said. She decided she would someday live on the island. Decades later, she made good on that promise.

The Death of Sustainability

Cork floors? No-VOC paint? Reclaimed barn wood? No longer is the act of doing less environmental harm good enough. As earthlings overseeing global environmental degradation, we may be too far gone for that. Regenerative design demands that each building project actually improve the environment and, perhaps, even boost human well-being, a more elusive goal.

East Cascades Home

About a decade ago, a Seattle couple fell in love with a dilapidated barn on a few hundred acres in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains and decided to transform it into their city escape.

Business: My Workspace: CoMotion Labs

CoMotion Labs, based at the University of Washington, is dedicated to the high-tech startup community. Members can be from anywhere in the state. The lab’s mission is to expand the economic, societal impact of the community and help innovators make the biggest impact with their discoveries.