Clarke Sondermann

Pleasure Systems’ new album Antumbra Pull

Pleasure Systems’ new album, Antumbra Pull, is all about intersections: between fear and love, folk-pop songs and electronic sounds, ultra-personal lyrics and much-needed catharsis. It’s the solo project of Clarke Sondermann, a 21-year-old Olympia-based singer-songwriter who also plays rock music with his band The Washboard Abs. Pleasure Systems is for exploring, said Sondermann, who entered his first-ever “healthy long-term relationship” in the past year. “I have a lot of relationship-based trauma in my past,” he said, “(so) I picked these songs because they explore the themes of balancing that trauma with trying to open up to the vulnerability of being…

Washington’s Best Soup

BEST PLACES IN WASHINGTON FOR SOUP CHELSEA FARMS OYSTER BAR This chowder with fresh clams, pork belly and heirloom potatoes isn’t traditional, but one bite in and you won’t care. Creamy and rich, this is the perfect way to enjoy the local bounty. 222 CAPITAL WAY N OLYMPIA ROCKET MARKET Several healthy seasonal soups rotate daily at this combination gas station/deli/European grocery store. Eat in with a glass of wine, or take your soup home. 726 E 43RD AVENUE SPOKANE INFINITE SOUPS The daily-changing menu features sixteen soups, with options for vegans and vegetarians as well as carnivores and…

Washington Gallery: Flying High on Mount Baker

photographer Grant Gunderson captures the excitement of backcountry skiing at Mt. Baker photos by Grant Gunderson Getting out and exploring doesn’t have to stop when the seasons change. In fact, winter can be the perfect time to carve out some new trails, provided you’ve got the right gear strapped to your feet. Here, photographer Grant Gunderson gives us an up-close look at backcountry skiing at Mt. Baker. Andy Sahlfeld: Veteran Ski Patroller at Mt. Baker Climbing Mount St. Helens