Brian Allen lifts the north section of the kelp line.

Gamechangers: Puget Sound Restoration Fund

In 2015, Paul Allen ponied up $1.5 million to investigate kelp cultivation as a potential strategy for mitigating ocean acidification. Dr. Joth Davis, senior scientist for PSRF, said 25 percent of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere are absorbed into the ocean. “The resulting change in seawater chemistry is known as ocean acidification because it increases the acidity of seawater over time and makes calcium carbonate less available to marine species,” Davis said.

Maryhill Stonehenge

Travel Spotlight: Maryhill Stonehenge

Sam Hill, pioneer for industry in the West and founder of Maryhill, was a pacifist. Mistakenly believing the original Stonehenge was a site of human sacrifice, Hill planned to build a replica of the monument as a World War I memorial, comparing the war to modern-day human sacrifice.