Anna Brones: Culinary Adventurer

Anna Brones
Anna Brones

Born and raised west of Tacoma, Anna Brones lived in Paris and Portland before returning home to Washington. She’s written several books, including The Culinary Cyclist, a love letter to biking and food; Best Served Wild, a cookbook for outdoor adventures; Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break, which serves as a tribute to her Swedish roots, and her latest, Live Lagom, which explores the Scandinavian concept of lagom, loosely translated as “the right amount” (with recipes, of course). She’s the founder of Foodie Underground, a website that started as a way to explore whatever was under the radar in the food world, and now houses healthy and Scandinavian recipes. Her indie publication Comestible carries forward her vision, providing an alternative to traditional food media. “I wanted a publication that focused on other angles of food besides the final plate,” Brones said.

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