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Where Art Meets Wine


The Oddfellows of Forges and Flights of Wine in Walla Walla written by Joni Kabana Walla Walla is well known for its bevy of wineries, but very few are as dedicated to the uniquely creative pairing of art and wine processes as can be found at Foundry Vineyards. In 1980, long before vines were planted and the winery was operating, Mark and Patty Anderson opened the Walla Walla Foundry with one client, sculptor Manuel Neri. Soon after, word traveled around many artists’ circles about the level of professionalism and dedication to the craft of casting and fabrication. Usage grew quickly…

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Kinglet's changing menu reflects the season.



written by Cara Strickland If you’ve spent much time dining in Walla Walla, you probably went to Whitehouse-Crawford, which closed during the pandemic. But the lights are on in that historic building again—you can now visit Kinglet, a new restaurant from Seattle chef Maximillian Petty of Eden Hill. You can choose your own adventure with the a’la carte menu, or put yourself in the chef’s hands for a grand tasting dinner (with optional wine pairings). Make a reservation at the chef’s counter for a front row seat to the culinary preparation, or enjoy a cozy table. You’ll find a wonderful…

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Lambert House is a safe place for LGBTQ+ young people to find help, a retreat and kindred souls.

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A Seattle charity helps isolated, bullied LGBTQ youths find community written by James Sinks It’s not uncommon for teens to feel alone. But for preteens, teens and young adults who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual identities, family ostracization and social isolation can be devastating. At such a fragile point in life, feeling unloved can lead to dark paths where nobody wants their kids to go: depression and low self-esteem, poor scholastic performance, escapism and coping via alcohol and drug use, homelessness, risky sexual behavior that increases the risk of contracting HIV, and in the worst-case, suicidal…

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