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Mindful Drinking Goes Mainstream

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Watershed Decision

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5 Top Spas in Washington for a Holiday Retreat (or Recovery)

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Not known for its warm waters, the Washington surfing scene is pure adventure.

Surf’s Up!


The best places to ride waves on the Washington Coast written by Jen Sotolongo Washington’s coastline, often overshadowed by its California counterpart, offers a unique and uncrowded surfing experience. While it may not boast the warm waters of southern destinations, its rugged beauty and diverse breaks make it a haven for surfers seeking adventure off the beaten path. Venturing into Washington’s surf scene rewards surfers with uncrowded lineups, stunning coastal vistas and the thrill of discovering hidden gems along the Pacific Coast. From secluded breaks to expansive beaches, Washington offers a surfing experience that is as exhilarating as it is…

Live Washington

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Watt’s Brewing Company moved into Woodinville’s Sumerian Brewing with respect for its predecessor and its locals.

Watts Takes Over Woodinville


written and photographed by Jackie Dodd Everything you need to know about Evan Watts’ intentions when he moved his brewery into the old Sumerian Brewing space can be found in his unconventional query when he was in the process of taking over the space. He asked to meet the regulars. He wanted to make sure they knew him, knew he had lovingly acquired the space and knew he wanted to make sure they felt welcome after the transition. His family roots run deep in the community, going back generations, making this changing of the guard feel more like a homecoming…

Think Washington

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Museum of Pop Culture CEO Michele Y. Smith at the museum in Seattle. The museum is also home to Trimpin’s IF VI WAS IX sculpture, a tornado-shaped mass of guitars and other instruments.

Pop and Circumstances


Museum of Pop Culture’s new leadership seeks deeper conversations through exhibits written by Joni Kabanaphotography by James Harnois Michele Y. Smith describes pop culture as “a universal language, emphasizing its multi-generational and global appeal.” While working as the chief business and financial officer of the Woodland Park Zoo, Smith was tapped to elevate the importance and influence of pop culture by assuming leadership of Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture. When planning exhibits, Smith holds steadfast to values that reflect diversity, inclusiveness and accessibility. “Our exhibits are meant to be immersive and not indicative of a sterile, white-walled museum,” she said….

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