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The Summit at Snoqualmie, about an hour’s drive from Seattle, accommodates all levels of skiers, plus snow tubing, snowshoeing and Nordic.

Snoqualmie Pass Trip Planner


Winter recreation and hidden dining treasures abound written by Richard Durrance Winter is the season for life along the Snoqualmie Pass. Named for the Snoqualmie people, once one of the area’s most populous tribes in the Puget Sound region, Snoqualmie Pass is still an attraction bolstered by its natural resources. Keep in mind that in February and March, the pass still receives more than 70 inches of snow per month. Snow and expectations are piled high. Often there are skis of alpine, backcountry or cross-country width in the car or snowshoes. In any case, playing on the Snoqualmie Pass in…

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Graffiti artist Hyper

Wall Art


Widely known graffiti artist Hyper puts his individual stamp on each new work written by Ellen Hiatt The paint can rattles and a swift movement across the cinder block wall sprays four gray, diffused lines of paint across what is to become the likeness of a building in the distance. Hyper and his crew worked through October rain, wet aerosol-delivered pigments dripping from the top of the building, to paint a stunning Phoenix, resplendent in burnt orange and fiery yellow hues. The message: “Rise Everett.” “Half the days I don’t know how they were doing it,” said business owner Taylor…

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Yoodli’s founding team, Ehsan Hoque, Esha Joshi and Varun Puri.

AI-Powered Public Speaking


A small Seattle startup helps take the anxiety out of big presentations with digital coach, Yoodli written by Cathy Carroll In October, Madrona Venture Group of Seattle announced an investment in Yoodli, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help people with public speaking. Madrona expanded on why it was excited to be a part of this journey, noting that public speaking is rarely taught effectively in a classroom setting, and almost never beyond the C-suite of a corporate environment, yet studies show that the fear of public speaking affects more than two in three people. The venture group seems…

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