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The Lodge at Columbia Point


written by Cara Stricklandphotography by The Lodge at Columbia Point If it’s been a while since you’ve made your way to Richland, one of the Tri-Cities, you might have missed the opening of this delightful 4-star hotel, the perfect spot to be your home base for winery visits, outdoor adventures and exploration of the vast STEM resources of the area. There’s also enough going on to make it worth the trip all by itself, and the view of the water continues to impress, no matter how long you look. 530 COLUMBIA POINT DRIVERICHLANDwww.lodgeatcolumbiapoint.com ACCOMMODATIONS Although there are some room options,…

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Novo Fogo Distillery in Brazil is the foundation of the Issaquah-based maker of the rum-like spirit cachaça.

Novo Fogo Organic Cachaça


written by Cara Strickland You might not be familiar with cachaça, rum’s big sister made only in Brazil and with sugarcane. There are few things as refreshing as a caipirinha—kind of like a mojito, but with much more flavor—on a hot summer day. But this Issaquah-based company is more than just a delicious thirst-quencher, they are working to be at the forefront of sustainable spirits practices. Their distillery in Brazil operates with zero waste and an all-female distiller team. They are passionate about preserving endangered native trees and proud of their carbon negative status, along with their organic certification. You…

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Lambert House is a safe place for LGBTQ+ young people to find help, a retreat and kindred souls.

Creating Connection


A Seattle charity helps isolated, bullied LGBTQ youths find community written by James Sinks It’s not uncommon for teens to feel alone. But for preteens, teens and young adults who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual identities, family ostracization and social isolation can be devastating. At such a fragile point in life, feeling unloved can lead to dark paths where nobody wants their kids to go: depression and low self-esteem, poor scholastic performance, escapism and coping via alcohol and drug use, homelessness, risky sexual behavior that increases the risk of contracting HIV, and in the worst-case, suicidal…

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