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Washington Travel: Yakima Valley
Three hundred sunny days a year translates to about eighty wineries spread across 17,000 acres of vines in the Yakima Valley AVA and that doesn’t even touch the bounty of fruits and vegetables available at seasonal produce stands.
Travel Washington, Port Townsend
Washington Trip Planner: Port Townsend
Port Townsend is the center for a Washington Renaissance.
Washington Trip Planner: Ballard
Ballard is Seattle's coolest neighborhood and it holds a lot of history.
Washington Trip Planner: Tacoma
Experience Tacoma, the City of Destiny, in 1889's Washington Trip Planner
Spokane Trip Planner
Washington Travel: Spokane
Every time I visit Spokane, I find something new to make it my favorite surprise city in Washington.
Trip Planner: Lake Chelan
Lake Chelan is a Northwest treasure, and the perfect place for a fall Washington wine sojourn.
Trip Planner: Everett
Everett is one of those places—just 45 minutes north of Seattle, this waterfront city of a little more than 100,000 was incorporated in 1893, the same year the Great Northern Railway came to town.
bellingham fairhaven district
Trip Planner: Bellingham’s Fairhaven District
An escape for city slickers and a destination for tourists, Bellingham’s Fairhaven District has been referred to as a hidden little gem worth discovering.
Whale Watching, San Juan Island
Trip Planner: San Juan Islands
The waters surrounding San Juan Island are indeed one of the best spots in the country to see whales in the wild-—especially orcas.
Trip Planner: Pampered Wilderness
Glamping in Millersylvania State Park with Pampered Wilderness
Trip Planner: Cedar Creek Treehouse
Who doesn't dream of waking up among the clouds in a treehouse built to fit the wildest of imaginations? At Cedar Creek Treehouse, guests spend the night fifty feet above the ground in a 200-year-old Western Red Cedar.
Washington Trip Planner: Copalis Beach
Nothing could be more romantic than a coastal escape at Copalis beach. Explore the Olympic peninsula on this exciting weekend getaway.

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Washington Foods We Are Craving This Month


Each issue we go on a hunt for the best Washington foods to curb our cravings MUSSELS There’s nothing quite like eating mussels in view of the water. At Front Street Grill, you can also eat them steeped in a spicy, satisfying green curry sauce, with or without linguini underneath. 20 FRONT STREET COUPEVILLE PESTICIDE-FREE WINE It’s likely you’ve never had a wine-tasting quite like the one at Paradisos del Sol. Winegrower Paul Vandenberg follows the “sip, sip, bite, sip” tasting method. You’ll get a little plate with tiny paired bites and experience wines like the lightly bodied sangiovese…

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The Dirty Gourmet Cookbook is Classing Up Your Campout


The new Dirty Gourmet cookbook elevates camping cuisine interview by Sheila G. Miller Aimee Trudeau, Emily Nielson and Mai-Yan Kwan have a message for the outdoorsy set—camping doesn’t have to be all franks and beans (though they have nothing against a good hot dog once in awhile). With their new cookbook, Dirty Gourmet, from Washington’s Mountaineers Books, the trio are helping you class up your next campout. We’re talking baked brie, roasted garlic and dutch oven sticky buns. With more than 120 recipes, Dirty Gourmet has tips and tricks for all food situations, whether you’re car camping, hiking the trail…

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California Redwoods Northwest Destination


History and therapy among the giant California Redwoods written by Kevin Max The California Redwoods are tree history writ large. The first time you drive through the giant sequoias and walk beneath them brings, at first, a silent shock that recedes to awe—being humbled in the presence of something extraordinary. The exclamation “Wow!” must have been uttered here first, summoned from pure reaction without diction. The sheer size of a Redwood—wow! The 16-foot trunk is wider than my car. This one is twice the width of my car. Getting out of the car, the next dimension unfolds—wow! This tree is…