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Walla Walla General Store, in a renovated, 70-year-old building where tourists and locals mingle for art classes, knitting groups and thematic pop-ups, plus merchandise of purpose and elegance.

Walla Walla General Store


There’s nothing general about downtown’s new hub aimed at fostering community written by Shirley A. Hancock Even Before you step inside, Walla Walla General Store winks that it’s no ordinary home decor-and-kitchen shop. Outside the whitewashed storefront sits Matilda, a Wimbledon white, 1973 Ford truck. Canine mascots Gracie and Buddy greet you at the door of the 4,000-square-foot open space that delights the senses. You could drive a tractor through the place. (In fact, when it first opened in May, Matilda, brimming with peonies and lilacs, was parked inside the shop in celebration.) Part gallery, part dog-friendly store for home,…

Live Washington

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The Mosaic State Brewers Collective members gain insight into careers in the craft beer industry during hop harvesting in Yakima.

Mosaic State of Mind


Brewery leaders launch a collective aimed at promoting diversity in the beer industry written and photographed by Jackie Dodd The diversity of beers is seemingly endless, with a range of ingredients finding its way into brew kettles throughout the centuries. The history of craft beer is diverse, too, with contributions from cultures around the globe. This makes the lack of diversity among America’s brewery owners that much more glaring. If asked to conjure an image of a craft-brewery owner, you’re likely to instantly think of a man. A white man, probably with a beard, in a T-shirt and jeans, and…

Think Washington

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Yoodli’s founding team, Ehsan Hoque, Esha Joshi and Varun Puri.

AI-Powered Public Speaking


A small Seattle startup helps take the anxiety out of big presentations with digital coach, Yoodli written by Cathy Carroll In October, Madrona Venture Group of Seattle announced an investment in Yoodli, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help people with public speaking. Madrona expanded on why it was excited to be a part of this journey, noting that public speaking is rarely taught effectively in a classroom setting, and almost never beyond the C-suite of a corporate environment, yet studies show that the fear of public speaking affects more than two in three people. The venture group seems…

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