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Old Meets New: Two kitchens Combine Classic Good Looks with Modern Flair and Elements of Surprise

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Exploring by snowmobile near Leavenworth rewards with dramatic scenery.

Snowmobiling: Power on the Powder


Adrenaline, family bonding and backcountry serenity written by Molly Allen The rush, the thrills, the speed—that’s the prevalent image of snowmobiling. While full- throttle fun is a factor, it can be as much or more about family quality time and taking in high elevation, difficult-to-reach backcountry vistas that few ever see. “There’s just something about seeing untouched snow, and it’s all yours,” said avid snowmobiler Victoria Jahn of Bellevue. “It’s a challenge, and each time you’re out, the snow isn’t the same.” Her first time on a snowmobile was at age six, when her father introduced her to it. Since…

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The Brick is somewhere between historic landmark and friendly neighborhood dive bar.

Washington’s Oldest Pub


It survived prohibition, the Great Depression, wildfires and the Spanish flu—and so far, Covid written and photographed by Jackie Dodd The bartender of The Brick Saloon in Roslyn, patted the cold, cinder block wall in the back of the dimly lit basement below the bar. “This is where it was,” he said, standing behind an aged iron door, which still looks to be a century newer than the surrounding bricks. “This is where the tunnels were during Prohibition,” he said. “They used them to get liquor in and probably to ship it out. No one really knows for sure.” What…

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The boutique experience gets bumped up a notch or three at Archer Hotel Redmond, with curated local finds, art and relaxed-chic decor.

New Hotels Come Through the Pandemic


From historic to modern luxe and magical, cool properties for Bellingham, Redmond and Tacoma written by Jacques Derning While the pandemic was in full swing and hotels were vacant, the industry was still racing to meet growing demand among travelers. In Washington, that trend played out across the state including with these three charming properties. Hotel Leo, a modern makeover of the historic Leopold Hotel (1883) in downtown Bellingham, is a sophisticated addition to the Bellingham lodging portfolio, with Amendment 21 Bar and Fare offering salads made local produce, soups and creative renditions of burgers, sliders and sandwiches. Archer Hotel…

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