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John Alberti Rows Through Retirement


Finding friends and fitness in a lifelong sport written by Viki Eirdam, photography by Daniel Stark Back in 1964, John Alberti was a sophomore at the University of Washington, seeking a sport to balance out the academic side of his college experience. More than fifty-five years later, rowing has carried him into his retirement years with no plans of hanging up his oars. At 75 years old, Alberti still consults part-time as an acoustical engineer, but he’s just as likely to be found on his Erg Concept 2 rower, rowing a nearby lake or crossing the big pond in a…

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Sue Taves breaks new ground with her sculpture on Whidbey Island


written by Adam Sawyer SUE TAVES’ FIRST STONE SCULPTURE was a 6-inch Winnie the Pooh, made of honey alabaster for her high school art class. She still has it. “I love everything about stone,” she said. “Its color, history, solidity, how it changes in the elements to make forms, its variety, its plainness. Rock is everywhere, it’s a functional material, it’s an art material, it’s the ground under our feet and the mountains that can be climbed. It’s minerals, in all combinations, kind of like humans. Each with its own form, texture, color and hardness. It’s the earth, it’s got…

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Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Lodging for Every Travel Personality


Washington offers alluring accommodations as beautiful and varied as the state itself written by Corinne Whiting or every dreamy destination across the Washington map, we could find just as many personal travel styles. While some wanderers plan getaways around revitalizing rest and quiet luxury, others choose to be closer to the outdoors in more rustic digs. We’ve culled a list of different options throughout the state, with the hope that you’ll discover the perfect post-adventure spot to suit your style—lodging for every travel personality.   For the Lodge Lover CLE ELUM SUNCADIA RESORT Located 80 scenic miles east of Seattle,…

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