Aerial Artist: Bridget Gunning

Bridget Gunning learned the power of gravity when she was a child when a piece of her clothing got stuck on the outside of an escalator in a mall.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park (ONP) captivates outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. Experiencing this pristine swath of the Pacific Northwest stirs the soul.

Terrance Guardipee

Every person has a story to tell. The tradition of storytelling among the Blackfeet, an American Indian tribe in Montana, still survives.

Jeremy Enigk

Jeremy Enigk garnered attention in the 1990s as the lead singer and songwriter for the renowned Seattle emo band Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE). While he played the cosmopolitan city of Seattle for years, he has been off the radar for a while. Enigk, 41, now finds respite in the quieter setting of Mt. Vernon, Washington, where he’s taken to writing solo folk-inspired ballads.

Kayak Adventure in Bellingham

The afternoon sun spiked through a vault of clouds, lighting grays and blues in Bellingham Bay’s waters. Our neon green kayak cut a wake that sparkled.