Taste in Style

With the wine industry’s nearly $5 billion impact on Washington’s economy, it’s no surprise that wineries are constantly working to make their products more accessible to visitors.

artist in residence

History On Our Walls

Artist in residence. Scattered throughout rural Washington in non-descript post offices, courthouses and libraries is a treasure trove of fine art created by some of America’s top artists of the twentieth century.

Lois James

Lois James: Training Day

Lois James is a professor in the College of Nursing at Washington State University in Spokane. With her husband, Steve James, she researches use of deadly force in law enforcement

Home + Design: Backyard Bliss

Ryan Smith and Ahna Holder bought a 1947 ranch in the Laurel Vista neighborhood in 1998. They transformed a tear-down into a modern wonder by following their backyard bliss.

Brian Allen lifts the north section of the kelp line.

Gamechangers: Puget Sound Restoration Fund

In 2015, Paul Allen ponied up $1.5 million to investigate kelp cultivation as a potential strategy for mitigating ocean acidification. Dr. Joth Davis, senior scientist for PSRF, said 25 percent of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere are absorbed into the ocean. “The resulting change in seawater chemistry is known as ocean acidification because it increases the acidity of seawater over time and makes calcium carbonate less available to marine species,” Davis said.