Beervana: No Anchor Floats to the Top

A glass of beer at No Anchor bar.
A glass of beer at No Anchor bar.
written and photographed by Jackie Dodd

It was confusing, at first—seemingly random numbers plotted along a graph next to the tap list at No Anchor bar in Seattle. Graciously, the bar-manager-owner explained what should be a fairly obvious representation of the beers on tap that day.

The beer list isn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, but it is one of the best. Carefully curated, each tap has a story, each beer thoughtfully selected. Even the glassware has careful consideration behind it—each pint is poured into a Teku glass, widely regarded as the best “all-purpose” craft beer glass to complement any style. Ostensibly strange numbers on the menu also have a story. Rather, they tell a story and serve as a guide. The beers are all given a designation on the graph between esoteric and approachable, as well as modern and traditional. Want something rather approachable and traditional? Try #1. Want to dive into a pint of something esoteric and modern? #16 is your guy.

Order-by-number also helps when you select an oddly named hard-to-pronounce beer. You mean I need to pronounce that word in front of humans? Who have ears? What if I get it wrong? Just order by number.

There is also the issue of the food—as the desire to order everything is fairly strong. The sous vide duck—that’s what I want. No, wait … the crab roll. Oh. But … the oyster? Consulting staff might add confusion, because they each love something different. It turns out, however, there’s an elegant solution—you can order the entire menu for $120. And damn it if it wasn’t worth it.

2505 Second Ave. Suite #105

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