DIY: Plan your Ultimate Closet

1889 Washington Magazine’s guide to planning the ultimate closet

written by | Melissa Dalton

Raise a hand if your home closet came equipped with a single hanging rod and not much more. Motivated by the enviable closet that Finneson designed for her Gig Harbor homeowners, we’ve compiled tips for maximizing that oft-overlooked space. The trick? Customize!

Plan your ultimate closet step 1: Take inventory

Start the planning process by making a list of everything that needs to be stored. Include all types and numbers of clothes (such as pants, sweaters, blouses, jackets), shoes and handbags, as well as bulkier items like suitcases and plastic bins that hold off-season stuff.

Plan your ultimate closet step 2: Measure your space … and your stuff

Pull out the graph paper and draw out the measurements for the existing space. Next, think about how each item in your inventory needs to be stored. For example, long dresses will require a tall hanging rod. Line up those dresses, leaving a finger’s width of breathing room between each hanger, and measure. Now you’ll start to have
an idea of what type of storage your closet
should accommodate.

Plan your ultimate closet step 3: Vary the fittings

The best closets have a variety of storage options. Open shelves are great for items that need to be stacked, like sweaters and pants, or accessed frequently, like handbags and shoes. Built-in drawers or bins can accommodate socks, hosiery, and workout gear. Double-up hanging rods for shorter hanging pieces, like skirts, blouses, and jackets. Assign high shelves for seasonal items, hats, or luggage.

Plan your ultimate closet step 4: Remember the necessary extras

This includes a light fixture, a full-length mirror, and a valet rod. The latter lets you hang up potential outfits for consideration. Don’t forget a hamper for dirty laundry.

Plan your ultimate closet step 5: Display your faves

Special details will make the space more fun to use, whether that’s a display for your fabulous jewelry collection or a fun wallpaper peeking out from between the hangers.

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